Christine Grasinski

Christine Grasinski

Growing up in Detroit, Michigan, I generally did city-kid things after school, around the block or at the park until the street lights came on. Simply being active 24/7 was an escape for me, having to move around from home to home a lot and with three brothers.

In high school I ran track and cross-country, lifted weights, and played volleyball. At UC San Diego, I raced mountain bikes all over the Western US and played rugby and volleyball at the club level while obtaining my engineering degree. I also worked as a rock climbing instructor, where I honed my teaching style, gained respect for putting safety first, and learned the importance of breaking down large tasks into logical, manageable steps.

After shoulder surgery in 2007, I learned to play golf, competed in triathlons, ran half-marathons….and finally stumbled into the CrossFit world at my job at Camp Pendleton, when a nice Marine saw me doing a deck of cards WOD by myself and invited me to work out with his group. I loved the intensity of the workouts and my tiny garage community. Nine years later I still enjoy learning, teaching, competing, and becoming a better human every day inside and outside of the gym.

I believe in commitment, discipline, strength, and sacrifice. I’m here to support my fellow Bears in their journey to become stronger, move better, and perform at their highest potential, through directed goal setting, drilling the fundamentals, and having fun. If I’m not in the gym, you can find me playing beach volleyball, surfing, traveling, running up large hills, reading, or eating. But, probably napping first.

Go Sparty!

  • Crossfit Level I