Diet and Nutrition

“Nick Biase” The Dietitian Nutritionist

Bear Republic values athlete’s goals from all walks of life. Some goals are to better prepare for competitive sports, like CrossFit, for most though, it is to look better, feel better and eat a healthier and sustainable diet.

We do not prescribe to any specific diet or advertise any niche eating habit. Instead we believe that, like CrossFit, nutrition and diet should vary and be dependent based on the person because not every person’s eating habits, metabolism or tastes are the same. In addition, CrossFit is sustainable and so is a healthy diet and tasteful nutrition.

We have partnered with local expert Nick Biase. Click on his name to checkout his services!

Nick Biase is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist who is here to guide you down the path of nutrition which best suits your lifestyle and individual needs. All guidance derives from his extensive education, credible research, and real life experiences. His goal is to assist you in developing a plan that is realistic and sustainable.

Availability at Bear Republic:

  • Monday evenings 6PM to close.
  • Thursday 12PM to 3PM.

**Please feel free to contact Nick directly to schedule another time.**